Wanting to bring new life to your table cloth or just interested in changing up the cloth colour?

At Billiard Blitz we use top grade English cloth from the Hainsworth® Smart Range made using Australian Merino wool.

Available in a range of 24 colours, Hainsworth® Smart not only matches your home décor but will exceed your demands for longevity.

Want to know more about our cloth? Check out our Table Cloth Colours information page.

New Cushions Rubbers

If the bounce in your cushion rubbers are feeling a little “dead” chances are they need replacing.

The ideal time to replace your rubbers is during the reclothing process.

If you are unsure about the quality of your rubbers, a member of our team can assist you when we arrive at your home.

Table Refurbishments

Our refurbishment services can fully restore your Pool Table or Snooker Table to its former glory. Included in this service are the following:

  • Sanding & Repolishing the timber work
  • Reclothiong
  • New cushion rubbers
  • Replacement pockets & leathers
  • Buffing existing brass-ware

Check out our Design Options page for more information about Cloth Colours, Timber Stains and Pockets.


Moving house or renovating or want to move your table from one room to another?

We are the experts in moving Pool, Billiard and Snooker Tables of various sizes and brands.

We will position the table to your liking and level the table so it’s ready to play immediately.

Want to know if your Pool Table will fit the room? Check out our Pool Room Sizes page.

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All of our Pool Tables are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen with over 30 years experience.